CEO & Founding Partner

I have 12 years of experience in the metal and automotive industry, in which I designed and manufactured unique, customized engine parts under the “Tig-Art” brand name.  I later founded “Tig-Art Systems Design and Manufacturing Ltd.”, which developed special engines for military applications and members of the Israeli defense industry.

I entered into the investment and capital market in 2011, joining my late brother, Nir.  Together, we founded Levintin Real Estate LLC.


Founding Partner

Nir Levintin passed away in February 2016 after a harsh battle with cancer.  Nir had the rare talent of being able to identify and take advantage of investment opportunities within the capital market and, later, in U.S. real estate market.  Although he was just 29, Nir had 15 years of experience with the capital market, during which he managed market beating investment portfolios consisting of options, shares and debentures, specializing in financial risk management and using advanced trading tools.  Nir founded Levintin Investments Ltd. in 2010, aiming to consolidate all of his investment activities in one stable entity.  Thanks to and in memory of him, Levintin continues to operate.  May he rest in peace.


Operations Manager

Offers more than 20 years of experience in South Florida’s real estate scene, where he bought, sold, improved and managed hundreds of properties in the area.  Ilan is a licensed real estate agent, he is well versed on all local real estate secretes, very knowledgeable about construction and renovations, has extensive legal experience and strong ties with key local officials.

He joined forces with Guy and Nir Levintin, aiming to grow with them and contribute his extensive knowledge and experience to Levintin Real Estate LLC.


Business Development Manager

I joined Levintin Investments in 2014. My expertises are project management and website webmastering.  I have recently been involved in the management of large and complex projects, working with the largest companies in Israel’s economy.  I currently accompany Levintin Investments in various areas, including: business development and consulting, company promotion and advertising on various media channels and, of course, close accompaniment in various real estate projects.


Project Manager

More than 20 years of experience in construction and renovations during which he acquired a great deal of experience managing work teams in the field, maintain structures for rental purposes and improving properties for sale at an optimal rate of cost efficiency.

Skilled and knowledgeable in all fields of construction, including electricity, plumbing, roof and window repair and replacement, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, as well as wood and concrete construction.

“We had funds available for investment and we decided to invest in a property in Florida We set the investment amount and Guy helped us pick out a property, showing us the costs and expected yields in the area. We purchased the house together and since then, everything has been running just as they promised.
“…We received rent from the first month. We receive monthly reports on all ongoing expenses and future taxes are provided for on a monthly basis.
“Beyond the initial meeting – all matters are conducted online, working like clockwork. We are very satisfied. Levintin Real Estate is a serious company and we are considering another investment. I strongly recommend them”
Rachel Stern - Real estate investor