How To Invest In Real Estate
Why Should You Invest With Us?

Buying An Income Property In The U.S. – Step By Step

Looking for a safe and stable investment, but you don’t want the hassle of property management and tenant issues? Seeking an attractive and profitable investment, but you don’t want to deal with property renovations and ongoing maintenance?  Believe that distance is a problem and worried about unexpected expenses and tenant evictions? Want to know more about how to invest in real estate?

We profit when our investors profit. We do not charge fixed management fees or commissions. As partners to the property, we are fully committed to the success of the venture, every step of the way.
The combination of below market value purchase prices, low cost renovations along with highly efficient management and maintenance operation, enables us to offer our investors a maximum return on their investment.
Thanks to experience acquired in dozens of successful projects and together with affiliations with local partners we have managed to create a well-oiled and efficient operational system that guarantees our investors peace of mind with a safe and steady long-term investment.

Whatever the reason that led you to seek real estate in the U.S., the correct method for investing in high yield investments consists of 8 steps that you should know and apply, preferably with someone familiar with the local market and able to provide you with the right advice and guidance.

Purchasing an investment property in the U.S. – Step by Step:

Step 1 – Consulting and planning:

During the initial consultation meeting, we jointly define the investment amount and period. Based on the amount and period selected, we analyze your investment needs and prepare the investment strategy best suited for you. It is essential that you select an investment plan that suits your character as an investor.

Step 2Locating the opportunity:

Next, you are presented with several attractive opportunities that are suited to the selected investment strategy. Together, we will choose the most appropriate property and conduct all of the inspections and due diligence required, including structure and foundation, code violations, city and county liens, tax liens, and all other legal aspects. After this stage, we will sign the partnership agreement and get the ball rolling.

Step 3 – Property acquisition:

This is the stage at which the property is bought, where your capital is transferred to the escrow account. The process is accompanied by a trustee, known as a Title Company, who is responsible for jointly registering the property in your name and ours. Concurrently, he is responsible for insuring the transaction with title insurance policy and ensuring that the property is free and clear of any third party liabilities of any kinds.

Step 4 – Improvement:

The property is now improved and renovated. We will send you a proposal for any work required and invite you to be fully involved in all of the decisions. We place an emphasis on operating in full transparency, providing site reports and photos in real time.

Step 5 – Occupation:

After improving the property, we begin marketing it for rent. At this point, we select a suitable tenant and conduct thorough background checks, including: credit report, criminal and financial background and previous eviction records. After this stage, we will sign the lease agreement and the property will be occupied by the new tenant.

Step 6 – Management & maintenance:

This is where our property management team enters the picture. It will handle the property from now on, including rental fee collection, payment of expenses, repairing faults, evicting tenants where necessary, etc. You, the investor, will receive a monthly report specifying all of the revenues and expenses.

Step 7 – Income distribution:

Your share of the net operating income is deposited into your U.S. bank account on a monthly basis. In addition, you will receive a monthly profit and loss report on money transfers directly to your e-mail.

Step 8 – Investment termination:

The property will be sold by joint decision and based on the investment strategy. At this point, we prepare the property for sale and market it through the appropriate channels. A sales agreement is signed with the buyer and the amount is transferred to the trustee, who then divides it between you and Levintin Real Estate, pro rata of your ownership therein.