The 4 High Return Investment Channels We Offer

Levintin Real Estate has been in the real estate and investments market since 2011. Building an investments portfolio requires us to a constant growth along with the changed market opportunities. So when a specific investment channel seems stabilized, we make the necessary changes to ensure that our investors maximize their return on investment. Analyzing many options, we came with these 4 high return investment channels:


hard money loan is a specific type of asset-based loan financing through which a borrower receives funds secured by real property.  Interest rates are higher than conventional commercial or residential property loans. We lend the money based on collateral securing the loan, if anything goes wrong and the borrower can’t repay, we will get our money back by taking the collateral and selling it. Hard money loans are generally short-term loans, lasting from one year.  As lenders, we keep loan-to-value ratios (LTV ratios) relatively low, maximum LTV ratio might be 50% to 70%.


Here at Levintin Real Estate LLC, we make sure to limit your financial risk and also maximize your return on investment. Flipping (or wholesale real estate investing), is a type of real estate investment strategy in which we purchase a property with the intention of selling it for a profit. We buy low and sell high. But rather than adopt a buy-and-hold strategy, you complete the transaction as quickly as possible to limit the amount of time your capital is at risk. Our local construction and renovation operation enables us to improve the properties quickly and efficiently, while ensuring especially low costs. Our network of connections with key local figures enables us to purchase properties that have been through a significant research to ensure we buy low.


For your money, commercial properties typically offer more financial reward than residential properties, such as rental apartments or single-family homes. Commercial properties may refer to: office, retail, leisure, industrial, healthcare, multifamily housing and “mixed use” buildings, where the property may have a mix, such as retail, office and apartments. Higher income potential, steady cash flow, more attractive leasing contracts and lower vacancy risks are just a few of the benefits that coincide with this high return investment. Here at Levintin Real Estate Investments we offer investors a long track record of commercial real estate investing. Our properties acquired as development properties, redevelopment opportunities and commercial real estate that is priced substantially below replacement cost. Together with affiliations and local partners we have managed to create a well-oiled  efficient operational system that guarantees our investors peace of mind with a safe and steady long-term investment.


Residential rental property refers to homes that are purchased by an investor and inhabited by tenants on a lease or rental agreement. Residential real estate can be single-family homes, condominium units, apartments, townhouses, duplexes and so on. Residential rental properties can offer monthly cash flow, long-term appreciation and leverage using borrowed money. Our portfolio includes about 150 properties that are rented to tenants and managed by us. We started buying residential real estate in 2011. These days, profitable residential rental opportunities are hardly exist. Levintin Real Estate keep on finding the most yield properties that will generate high and safe monthly income for our investors.