FAQWhen considering what to invest in, there are many issues that require careful examination and quite a few questions that should be answered before reaching the correct decision.  Investments in general, and specifically real estate investments, are not a small matter and therefore, in order to simplify the process, we put together several of the most frequently asked questions raised by our investors when we first meet. Based on our experience, the answers below will clear the fog of uncertainty, clarify the correct issues and help smart investors realize the advantages of investing with Levintin Real Estate. If you have any other questions, feel free to click here to set up an initial consultation meeting with no obligation.  We will be happy to provide you with the knowledge that we have acquired over the years.  Good luck!

That’s an excellent question because we have already heard and read of investment companies that sold properties that never existed. That is why we have decided to invest with you on each and every property and not to just collect commissions and walk away.
In addition, we give our investors all of the tools necessary to check the property, review its specifications and verify that it is legally recorded in their name.
In order to make the purchase decision as easy as possible, we take pictures of our properties, both the interior and exterior, providing you with as much information and property access as possible, all before you even enter the deal and transfer any money.
But in order to ensure your complete peace of mind, feel free to hop on a plane and come to see for yourself. We will be there to host you and be at your service in the field.

When establishing a personal relationship, we expect that the person with whom we closed the deal will always be there for us. That is why the contracts between us and our investors are valid for at least three years. During this time, we undertake to continue holding the property and generate maximum possible returns.
It is important to remember that the investment agreement is between you and Levintin Real Estate LLC. We invest continuous efforts in promoting the properties. In any event, all properties are recorded to the investors so that, even in the worst-case scenario, there is a solution for every problem.

I am glad that you raised the issue because I’m sure you will like the answer: All of our properties are recorded to the investors in person or companies that they own.
Recording is executed by a Title Company that first verifies that the property is unencumbered by debt and is not subject to liens, fines or code violations. In addition, the title company issues a Title Insurance Policy that is exercised in the event of a third party claim against the title of the property.
As part of the “small investment” plan, where each investor holds a certain share of the company, the property is recorded to a joint holding company pro rata of each investor’s respective investment. Investor names and relative holdings are kept by the New Jersey/Florida Registrar of Companies and that is the determining record when needed.

Even Catholic marriages are no longer bound for a lifetime, not to mention real estate Joint Venture. Therefore, we invested a great deal of thought and reached a very efficient solution: Every real estate partnership created through us shall operate for a minimum of three years, during which we undertake to manage the property and the investors undertake to continue holding it.
At the end of this period, we can jointly discuss and decide on our future and, if any of the parties wishes to sell the property, we will be happy to list the property for sale and split the profit.

Our four investment plans are based on our cumulative experience with dozens of investors. They are intended to provide every investor a suitable and available solution, consistent with the funds available for investment.
To learn more about Levintin Real Estate Investments plans, feel free to click below:
Income Property plan
Solid investment plan
Small investment plan
Apartment investment plan

You will receive a monthly income statement, specifying the income and expense related to each and every property that you own. Your net operating income will be transferred to your bank account, using ACH deposit, during the first week of the following month.
You will receive a monthly income statement, specifying the income and expense related to each and every property that you own. Your net operating income will be transferred to your bank account, using ACH deposit, during the first week of the following month.

Everyone knows that every investment has costs. It is important to know them in advance, before embarking on an unclear adventure.
Costs Borne by the Sellers:
When buying a property, there are recording fees, documentary stamps, legal fees, real estate commissions, etc. By nature, these costs apply to the sellers – the party receiving the money. In all, these costs comprise 8-9% of the transaction amount. These costs shall also apply to us in the future, when we decide to sell the property.
Costs Borne by the Buyers:
Additional costs to be considered when investing in real estate in the U.S.:
Individual investor:
► Cost of filing an individual tax return with the U.S. IRS: ~$175, depending on the scope of the investment.
► One-time costs for a Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) application: ~$175.
► Company (where it is a partnership or large investment, it is best to open a company).
o One-time company establishment cost: $400.
o Annual filling fees for each Limited Liability Company (LLC): $145.
o Cost of filing an annual corporate/partnership tax return with the IRS, approximately $500, depending on the scope of the investment.
o Wire transfer fees and bank account fees.
If the property is not rented, the following expenses must be considered:
► property taxes: ~2% of the property’s assessed value (usually 60 – 80% of the market value).
► Structural insurance: 0.5 – 2% of the property replacement costs, according to the policy type.
► Liability insurance: ~$350 per year.
► Water and electricity: Low costs, seeing that the property is not rented.

Please note:

It is important to note that this is where our promise of partnership in profit and risk is best reflected. If the property is not rented – all of the expenses above will be divided between us. Levintin will bear its share, as per the investment plan that you chose.

Our experience demonstrates that for relatively small investments (under $250K), the income tax rate will probably be very low.
Levintin Real Estate Investors are welcome to hire the services of professionals who serve the company in Florida, who are well aware of the company’s activities and the relevant tax laws, and to obtain the most qualified answers.

Tenant issues are indeed among the most important and sensitive matters relating to rental property investment. That is why we give it special attention.
First of all, it is important to know that tenant eviction in Florida is a simple and easy procedure: In the event of non-payment, the tenant is issued an eviction notice. The tenant is required to respond within three business days, i.e. pay the rental fees or vacate the property.
If the tenant does not respond to the eviction notice, we submit the rental agreement to our lawyer, who specializes in tenant eviction. The lawyer files an eviction application with the court. The entire process takes several weeks and costs ~$500. In the worst case, the sheriff enters the property and removes the tenant from the premises.

That’s just it, there is no catch. We operate in full transparency. What you see is what you get.
The U.S. real estate market provides investors who know where and what they are looking for with rare opportunities, unavailable anywhere else around the world.
The fact that these transactions sound “Too good to be true” does not mean that they do not exist. We have developed unique methods for locating such transactions, as well as a methodical logistic array to maximize the potential and returns.
We offer our investors convenient and especially worthwhile investment plans. We provide them with leading professionals to advise and accompany their decisions. We invite anyone who wants to know more – get an idea, ask questions, get answers and enjoy a safe and promising investment.
With over 100 successful and profitable properties and partnerships, I can invite you to read what our satisfied investors have to say. If you want, we can connect you for a direct conversation with them. As stated before – What you see is what you get.