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Let’s be honest: Purchasing an investment property in the U.S. causes many people to feel uneasy, uncertain and distrustful. To help you enjoy the opportunities of the U.S. real estate market, we have evaluated and checked many different areas, determined to find the most promising investment potential for you and for us. Our research led us to cities  like Fort Lauderdale Florida, New Jersey, Atlanta and we chose to focus our investments on affordable housing opportunities. Concurrently, we studied the local market’s code of conduct and established the infrastructures required to conduct the developing activity. As part of our commitment to fully address all aspects relating to U.S. real estate investments, we joined forces with professionals of the local real estate market, including Better Homes & Gardens Florida 1st Realty. In addition, we established a construction and renovations operation along with a property management service – all operating under the same roof.

So what is it that we do?

We purchase, lease and manage income properties in Florida, Atlanta and New Jersey.

How are we different from other companies in the field?

We offer solutions for investors who seek a wise investment and who want to be sure they have someone that they can trust.

To this end, we developed unique partnership models based on integrity, transparency and shared responsibility, optimizing the merge between our interests and those of our investors. We do not charge brokerage fees or commissions. We retain a certain partnership interest in every property while fostering the main principle: We are in it together. Investor profitability and success is also an interest of ours.

What is the unique value that we offer our clients?

  1. Purchasing – Our network of connections with key local figures enables us to purchase properties that are not available to inexperienced real estate investors and at prices significantly lower than the market price.
  2. Improvement – Our local construction and renovation operation enables us to improve the properties quickly and efficiently, while ensuring especially low costs.
  3. Management – Our local property management operation enables us to collect rental fees in a quick and efficient manner, while significantly reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Why should you invest with us?

  1. Shared interest – We profit when our investors profit. We do not charge fixed management fees or commissions. As partners to the property, we are fully committed to the success of the venture, every step of the way.
  2. Maximum return – The combination of below market value purchase prices, low cost renovations along with highly efficient management and maintenance operation, enables us to offer our investors a maximum return on their investment.
  3. Safe and smart investment – Thanks to experience acquired in dozens of successful projects and together with affiliations and local partners, we have managed to create a well-oiled efficient operational system that guarantees our investors peace of mind with a safe and steady long-term investment.

 What’s the bottom line?

Over the last five years, we have generated a yield of over 67% from rental income (without leverage). In addition, property value increased by an average of 35%, excluding foreclosed properties that were bought and improved, where the capital gain could be much higher.

  • 2011 – Rental yields of 15.8%, average change in property value -2.2%.
  • 2012 – Rental yields of 14.6%, average change in property value 8.9%.
  • 2013 – Rental yields of 13.2%, average change in property value 8.6%.
  • 2014 – Rental yields of 12.5%, average change in property value 9.2%.
  • 2015 – Rental yields of 11.2%, average change in property value 10.5%.

Want to hear what our investors have to say about us..

Real Estate Investing 95
Project Managment 80
Capital Market 85
Real Estate Agents 99
Renovations 89